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Shark Educational Products

Learning and education can be fun.. especially when it comes to sharks! Check out our educational shark toys, books and games below.

About our Shark Educational Products

Our collection of Shark educational products includes a shark anatomy model. It contains detachable organs and body parts. Learners can remove shark organs and bones and then place them back while learning the great white shark’s physical anatomy. 

We also offer a casting kit that allows you to cast, paint and display three sharks. You’ll be provided with a mold mix that you pour into a bag and then transfer to the molds. You then need to allow the mold to set.

While it sets, an activity book provides a chance to learn and enjoy fun and games. 

Books are also available in this category. These books are meant for kids and are written in simple language that they can understand. For a pre-reader, these are great books because the child can memorize words while learning how to read.

Advanced books are also available for level 1 and 2 readers. Check out the links above to find out more. 

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