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The Original Shark Wine Glass - Handmade Crystal - FREE SHIPPING, SHIPS TODAY

Price: £29.95

Product Details

Type :

Wine Glass

Glassware Type :

Wine Glass

Capacity :

650 mL

Color :


Brand :

Glass House Glassware

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Material :






What the Seller Says

Introducing the Original Shark Wine Glass™! - FREE SHIPPING - IN STOCK NOW - SHIPS WITHIN 24 HOURS Adventure awaits with every sip. What appears at first to be an ordinary wine glass becomes more dangerous as a fin suddenly appears…followed by a torso. Then the menacing jaw!Fortunately for the drinker, this shark is docile – although mighty thirsty! He prefers red seas of wine but enjoys blush and white seas as well.The sparkling handcrafted lead-free crystal The Shark Wine Glass™ is built to withstand multiple attacks from the drinker. Handle with care, or the shark may bite!Handcrafted lead-free crystal The Shark Wine Glass™ is hand-wash only. As each glass is hand made, each one is special and may not look identical to the others ones. Slight variances may exist.Each item is for one (1) - The Shark Wine Glass, so order one for you and another for a friend. In Stock and ships today! I am the only authorized manufacturer dealer in the US allowed to sell this design as it is patented! Order now from the #1 seller of The Shark Wine Glass! Specifications: Each order is for one The Shark Wine Glass Elegant and similar to a Riedel Quality Wine Glass Size: Approximately as they are handblown and hand crafted - 24cm (9.5") height x 10cm (4") round at the widest. 7cm (2.75") opening at the top and 8cm (3") round at the base.Capacity: approximately 22 ounces (650ml) Cleaning procedures recommended when cleaning The Shark Wine Glass. Since the shark is delicate, Clean them as follows: 1. Gently wash outside of the glass 2. Gently wash the inside rim of the glass 3. Rinse out the inside of the glass with hot water a few times 4. Put a drop of dish soap in the glass and fill with warm/hot water 5. Let sit overnight I would refrain from sticking your fingers in the glass and breaking the shark off. Return and Damaged Shipment Policy:We offer 3 day returns on damaged product.If unfortunately your glass is broken, scratched or damaged upon arrival send us pictures of the product, packing slip and packaging within 3 days of delivery and we will issue a refund or a replacement.

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